FRAME by FRAME serials: COVID 19 episode #1

The COVID-19 Pandemic Storyboard project is a collaboration of independent storyboard artists to create a story with several purposes.

Episode 01: BUBBLE GUY at Bus Stop is a short motion board/animatic produced as a public service awareness campaign on COVID-19. It is created by a group concerned storyboard artists, working from mainly a shot list and additional description/guidance by Cuong Huynh. Episode 01 was complete the first week of May 2020. It took just about 30 days, and 8 board artists working separately and remotely.

Episode 01 also serves as the pilot that will lead to a feature length story of good versus evil, of things in life that you can sometimes control, other times you cannot, with comedy, horror, tragedy, action, and love along the way. This is an ongoing story in development with real-time collaboration in which all participating storyboard artists are encouraged to contribute ideas, creativity and skills to character and story arc design.

A new Facebook group called Frame By Frame Serials has been created as the central place to discuss, share, and manage the different storyboard collaboration projects.

All copyrights are reserved by the respective artists.

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