Dystil Racing Toronto CNE.

News / 01 March 2020

I have an artist friend. He races motorcycles not to win, but to learn.He uses what he he learns and he designs and creates motorcycle race components. I was with him at the motorcycle show last weekend, while he was displaying a race stand that he designed and built for racers. Here are some photos I took of his gorgeous bike. Just F@#_*+king COOL! He is Miles Keller, he created dystil racing. Now that's inspiring WOW!

Miles Keller is an artist designer. He has been racing for the last couple of years.

At the right of the photo you can see the light weight race stand he created for the Bike Racers.

Shot with my incredible SONY RX100 2. Love that little camera. One the best digital cameras I have every used.

I did the post work on the photos in PhotoShop. 

Miles comes from a family of engineers and designers. His uncle was an engineer who worked on the  Canadian AVRO fighter jet.