Jack Johnson heavyweight champion of the world.

General / 11 October 2020

"I was black, and they never let me forget it. I was black alright and I never let them forget it."

Love to paint Vehicles.

General / 31 July 2020

Jack Johnson

General / 02 July 2020

Don't make me kill you Nicky 60 second teaser #1

General / 17 June 2020

TEASER #1: Don't Make Me Kill You, Nicky." is a short motion board film that combines elements of film storyboards and pre-visualization animatics together with graphic novel storytelling style. It is produced by 2 professional storyboard artists Cuong Huynh and Vince Mancuso.
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Professional storyboard services for your film project:
- Storyboards - Pre-visualization - Animatics - Script breakdown - Screenplay services

Contact: Vince Mancuso: vince@vincemancuso.com or Cuong Huynh: chuynh@cthcreative.com
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Deja Vu, feeling like we have been here before.

General / 25 March 2020

Thinking happy thoughts.

General / 19 March 2020


General / 18 March 2020


General / 09 March 2020

Sketching the Line

General / 09 March 2020

Sketching the line, got me thinking. The TTC spent millions cause Bombardier didn't deliver, but won't spend a dime on the sketch artists who do deliver. #VinceMancusoArt

Remember to Dance!

General / 27 February 2020

The things that I remember most are little things, now they mean the world to me, Like watching my mother and father dancing. Remember to dance with the one you love.