Remember to Dance!

General / 27 February 2020

The things that I remember most are little things, now they mean the world to me, Like watching my mother and father dancing. Remember to dance with the one you love.

Sketching the line?

General / 26 February 2020

Sketching the line has got me thinking. Doesn't the Toronto Transit Commision see that they have done a disservice to themselves and to the artists, when they value the art work at ZERO?

Sketching the line.

General / 23 February 2020

Sketching the line got me thinking. What does it say about Toronto's Transit Commission, an institution that gets paid by the people and exploits those very people , by taking their art , using it to make themselves look like nice guys, without paying them?

Toronto Motorcycle show at the CNE

General / 23 February 2020

Hanging out with Artist designer Miles Keller at the motorcycle show at the CNE in Toronto yesterday. Had a great time and got a chance to do a quick drawing of his gorgeous bike and the new racing stand that he designed. Watch out for made in Canada racing components from Dystil racing. Life can be so cool . 16x20 inch prints are available, message me if you interested.#VinceMancusoArt

More Alien Fun!

General / 18 February 2020

Sketching the line, has got me thinking.

General / 15 February 2020

 I wonder if the Chief Operating Officer of the TTC would give up his $245,639.00 salary for the exposure and prestige of working for the Toronto Transits Commission? After all we are a world class city. Aren't we?

The Alien saga continues...

General / 15 February 2020

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My wife Jen had never seen ALIENS.

General / 14 February 2020

So the boys arranged for our family movie nights a 1 and 2 screening.

Placing the figure in perspective.

General / 13 February 2020

The Witcher

General / 03 February 2020

Attacking these super quick drawings, while watching the series has been a great way to get to the bare essentials. I' am halfway through the 5x7 moleskine sketchbook that I have been using for this line art style.